Dear Colleagues,

The 4th International Occupational and Environmental Diseases Congress will be held by Biocidal Occupational and Environmental Health Association and International Commission of Occupational Health between 05–08 March 2020 in İstanbul.

Within the scope of occupational and environmental diseases during the congresses; current issues, current developments, implementation models in the world, legal dimension, medical approach, public health principles, new model designs and new approaches in the detection of diseases were discussed.

For this purpose our association has organised the first congress in 2017, the second congress at the beggining of the 2018 and third congress has been organised with international participation with the support of the General Directorate of Public Hospitals and the General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in March 2019 and positive results and feedbacks were obtained.

Many state institutions and organizations, non-governmental organizations as well as private sector organizations have contributed to our congress as follows; Ministry of Health Directorate General of Public Health, Ministry of Labor and Social Security Directorate General of Occupational Health and Security, Turkish Thoracic Society, Turkish Biochemistry Association, Association of Forensic and Clinical Toxicology, Workplace Specialist Association, Occupational Health and Safety Service and Association of Educational Institutions, Laboratories of Occupational Hygiene Association, Joint Health and Safety Unit Operators Association.

The main theme of the congress, which will be organized in 2020, will be "Risk Management in Occupational and Environmental Diseases ". Among the sustainable development targets of the United Nation, the one related to “Business convenience for people and economic growth" is about creating a healthy and equitable work environment for all employees. Environmental and occupational risks have an important role in the World Health Organisation’s global disease burden calculation. In this context, it is planned to focus on strengthening Joint Health and Safety Unit’s and Workplace physicians in the field and within the scope of occupational and environmental diseases during the congress; current issues, current developments, public health principles, diagnostic procedures, occupational health and safety processes applicable in hospitals and new processes in the detection of diseases will be discussed.

In the light of these thoughts; we look forward to seeing you among us at the 4th International Occupational and Environmental Diseases Congress which will take place in İstanbul between 05 - 08 March 2020, and we look forward to your valuable contributions and participation.


Prof. Muhsin AKBABA
Congress Chair

Prof. Claudio COLOSIO
Congress Co-Chair